Structural Engineering and Design

structural engineeringThere have been great new advancements in  electrical engineering cape coral, Structural Engineering and Design since the first structures and building of the past were created. Here we will explore some of those advancements.

The very first recorded structural engineer design was a pyramid. In the 2700’s (BC) an Egyptian named Imhotep designed and supervised the building of the pyramid. By using mathematics, geometry and the building materials available at the time. Large stones were placed in a specific order to make the step pyramid. Structural engineering and design has come a very long way since back then. New advances are everywhere around us everywhere we look. Many great names in history were early engineers and designed great things. Di Vinci and the Wright Brother just to name a few help to advance structural design. Without theses early engineers opening the concept all things are possible. Our world would not have the modern conveniences and would be very simple and plain place to live.
Engineers are in great demand all over the world this makes it a very profitable career choice.

Structural Engineering Education and Development
The real concept of structural engineering is to develop and improve the world for the human race. A person who wishes to go into the field of engineering must have the proper education. Since the 27 th century engineers have learned about the different building materials. How the building materials hold up under extreme loads and weight. How the weather factors fit into engineering equations like wind, rain and soil erosion. How lightning and natural disaster affect a building structure. Also engineering of structures must consider the possibilities of explosions and terrorist threats.
Furthermore engineers have to have a vast education in mathematics, calculus and geometry. They must be knowledgeable of the surrounding of the structure when it is being constructed and after completion. Structural sustainability is another important factor. The building and its internal engineering systems must last and function for decades to come.

Different Fields of Structural Engineering
One of the main fields of structural engineering is the building of massive structures. Examples are Bridges, High rise buildings, Hospitals, Industrial buildings, Factories, Platforms, Schools and Apartment complexes.
The next field pertaining to engineering is the mechanical engineering part of engineering. This field deals with the mechanical aspect of engineering. How the moving parts work in contrast to the whole structure. The mechanical engineer designs how the piping, valves and moving parts all work at the same time without complications. An Example of mechanical engineering is a drilling platform out over the ocean. The platform has to be strong while pumping vital oil and gas out of the ocean floor. In turn the platform must also force a gas or liquid back into the the hole called fracking. Everything must work in sequence together.

bridgeElectrical engineering is another field of engineering. This part of engineering entails dealing with all the electrical components of the structure. Nearly everything in the world has to have electricity in order to function. The electrical engineer must make sure the there is enough power for every switch and component within the structure. If there is not enough power to the structure it will malfunction.